A quick poll about judging

  • Judges should be allowed to know who built something before judging
  • Judges should NOT be allowed to know who built something before judging

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3 days before the competition? Good time for a poll about how judging fundamentally works.

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hippity hoppity, bias is no longer the judges property

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8 - 2 in favor of anonymous builds, that’s a pretty significant lead xp

wait is it 8-2 or 9-1 it keeps changing

Im fine with this either why, but i just cannot help to not be a bit diappointed that this vote implies that bias is a problem when judging here… We had a quite nice factual discussion at the end of the last competition. I think this is a solution to a problem that does not exist, at the cost of not being able to interview people about their builds. I at least hope people can join in on the judging discussion (At least listen to it), Otherwise it would make it very not transparent

honestly i doubt bias is happening but i don’t wanna let it happen just in case. idk how you’ll work this out but i vote for judges to not know who’s is who’s before judging

welcome to ore

I think the judges should be as imparcial as they can, so the who is the builder does not affect the score. However I agree that people should comment their own builds, so perhaps we should have an option that lets builder comment and explain and not knowing who did it. Im fine either way too Trecar

I really dont care if the judges know who built what. It seemed like they actually disgussed pros and cons about the builds and if the competetors (or anyone) can listen to the judges thoughts we shouldnt have any problem