Another poll about judging

After the last competition, it was decided to redo the poll to see if opinions have changed after experiencing judges not knowing who built what. The poll is going to be open for about a week, so no rush in voting now, feel free to discuss first.

Benefits to anonymous judging:

  • No bias from the judges
  • Builds judged purely on their capabilities in the competition and nothing more

Downsides to anonymous judging*:

  • No explanation from the competitor beyond signs or books on the plot
  • Judges may not understand the build properly without the competitor’s explanation

If the anonymous judging wins again, I’m considering putting a middleman in place so that competitors can talk to them and the middleman can talk to the judges. That way there’s still someone able to explain the build directly to the judges without revealing the identity of the competitor. Just wanted to clear that up so people don’t assume it’ll be exactly like it was this time.

  • Judges should know who built what
  • Judges should NOT know who built what

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I nominate myself for middle man if there is a vote for NOT knowing who made what.
I need a reason to focus more time on ORE :slight_smile:


imagine having bias in a competition ewww

can i be middle man for the first half then i go sleep and capo continues? :smiley: fukin bad auto emoji