Buddy_Bear Ban Appeal (2)

User(s): Buddy_Bear
When: Not sure exactly, roughly 6 months ago if I had to guess
Description: I’m not entirely aware of why I was banned and I posted an appeal request on the old forum. It was responded to by an admin (Nickster258 if it matters) who said “It’s possible you were unintentionally IP banned. We’ve had to issue quite a few of those the past couple weeks. I won’t know for sure until I or someone else can check. (I’m currently away)” and didn’t follow up (I didn’t initate further conversation). I’m well aware that it is by no means their obligation to help me at all so I don’t mean this as a way to call them out, I would just like to be able to rejoin if possuble. Thanks!

This ban has since passed or been undone, so I’ll consider this resolved. Apologies for the very delayed response here.