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the fact that it is very simple yet very complex

im currently building a game called 4=10

basically you have 4 numbers, and you have to use basic operations(add subtract multiply and divide) to make it equal 10. ex: 4 2 3 1 you can use 4 + 2 + 3 + 1 = 10

8 bit alu

/warp nick_meytrial

Completed by nick_mey in 1m37.573s on 5/24/2024, 22:31 UTC.
100.00% accuracy with 0/25 answers given incorrectly.


where be the questions? XD
Also, this shows addition, are you able to have this mechanism do other operations?
Like try and subtract to a number? or try and come up with the right inputs for a logic gate?

yes, i already finished the subtraction part i just have to input it to the display, which i will after i finish division and multiplication.