Pherdo Ban Appeal (3)

Mojang Name: pherdo

When you were banned (approximately): June 18th, 2022, 8:02 pm GBT time:

Why you were banned (if known): Aggravated appeal and I think I was mean

Why you should be pardoned: I don’t have to be pardoned, I have done a lot of mischieve to the community, and people like me should not be here. People like me make the community worse, in the past, I had a few bans about 4 I can remember. But this one got me permanently banned. It started with a 30-day ban because I don’t like having people in my plot yet, I would ask nicely for people to get off my plot and I can remember that two people won’t leave me alone. I would ask them to leave they would break blocks to annoy me I’m a person who can’t handle things like this and I have anger issues until I started being ruder to them and telling them to get off and I even had to remove them from my plot like /plot kick or something. But not to my surprise they would come back and annoy me on purpose until we started arguing next thing I know I was banned for not mostly my mistake. Once again I apologize to the community, I was a pain to the mods I made a horrible post with an inappropriate name I would harass staff I wouldn’t be able to handle my emotions. I’m writing this appeal to apologize to the community, since the day I got banned permanently I would not forget about this server my actions haunted me. To be honest, it’s a lovely community I would love to be a part of it again I would love to. But if only I could have a second chance I would join back. This server is one and only, it is not replaceable no servers were as lovely as this community, trust me I was wrong. I didn’t think that before. I would start arguments and I would doubt the community was nice. But I realized I was the cause. Of course, I did receive some unfairness especially when I was once banned for barely anything as I was arguing with a guy and I got banned for 7 days and he was only banned for 3 days. But this does not matter, I want to start from a clean sheet of paper I want a clean start I want a 2nd chance and I don’t want my past to be remembered as a rude and mean person. I want to say sorry to IamLesbian I harassed them I am sorry I shouldn’t have acted this selfish way. I was selfish I would ruin the game experience for people, I was almost never right I was terribly wrong and my actions are haunting me and didn’t stop haunting me to this day so from my heart I’m saying sorry to IamLesbian and everyone else I harassed and was mean and rude to. I want a clean start and a clean past, all I need is a second chance.

Yours, Sincerely -pherdo

Your appeal is currently being reviewed and you should receive a verdict within the next day or so.

okay its not like im going to school anyway

i would look forward to a response, thank you.

my appeal didn’t really make sense a lot so had to edit it a bit

Your appeal has been accepted and you should be unbanned soon.

Thank you for spending time on reading my appeal. I’m sorry i was mean to u before.

Note that being a person who “has anger issues” is not an acceptable excuse, and that given your history, future punishments will only compound. If you have problems with members online try maintaining your calm and reaching out to us. I hope this is the last of it. Please maintain civil discussion in chat, and listen to staff.