Raspberryjamn Builder Application

IGN: raspberryjamn

The best thing about redstone in my opinion is how perfectly it represents the most basic logic gates, a torch is just a NOT gate, redstone dust is an OR gate, and a repeater is a diode. It’s the perfect setup for constructing stuff like what’s on the ORE server.

Here’s an ALU I built on my student plot. It’s vertically tileable in 2 blocks, unsigned and it can do
A+B, A-B, B-A, -A, -B, A+1, A-1, B+1, B-1, A&B, A|B

(Sorry for the weird pictures and clutter)

I was thinking I could recreate the above ALU from memory

And yes, I agree to the rules

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Lovely application, here’s hoping someone accepts it

Accepted for trial!

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