Read Before Posting - Builder

Please read this if you are applying to become a Builder on the Open Redstone Engineers network.

As a member of our community you will be expected to not only participate in and advance the state of redstone, but you will also be expected to maintain proper server conduct. Our community has very little restrictions. Rather, in their place is the expectation that members can maintain a mature and functional environment.

This means:

  • Maintain polite conversation (do not badmouth other players or engage in excessive swearing)
  • Respect the boundaries of plots and their owners’ rules.
  • Give credit to all work that is borrowed. Any and ALL plagiarism will result in a ban. (This is of course referring to things more considerable than simply logic gates which have substantially limited effective design options).
  • Avoid causing severe lighting updates with world edit. Platforms not made of glass will cause the ground beneath to update its lighting state, and this causes severe lag if done in excessive amounts, so please create any platforms or structures that will cause light changes in small parts to avoid lag. //fast can be used to alleviate this problem to some extent.
  • Do not ask for a rank increase.
  • Generally this can be summarized: Be kind to others.

As part of your application you will be expected to provide a sample of your work. Please provide screenshots of your work by attaching the image to the post, or by using to host the images. If you are convinced that we will not be able to determine the functionality of your device from screenshots, please feel free to post a video that you’ve made, hosted by

Feel free to use something that you’ve built in the past.

When posting your application, please use the following format:

Minecraft name:

What do you like the most about redstone?:

What’s a thing you have made which demonstrates redstone knowledge?:

What does the thing do?:

Image(s) and/or video(s) of the device:

What do you plan on making for your build trial?:

Do you agree with the rules?:

Be sure that when posting your application, you include your Minecraft name in the title of the application.

Remember, links to pictures and/or videos MUST BE PROVIDED in the application or it cannot be accepted.

After your application has been approved, you will need to build another sample of your work on our server during what is called a “Trial.” It is an hour long test where you prove your understanding. You do not have world edit, so don’t plan anything unreasonably large. You can ask for a staff member (admin or mod) to stack your build for you, thus it is only necessary that you build one bit of your device.

You only get ONE trial attempt per day. If you fail, you can come back anytime the following day or later to retrial.


The purpose of the trial is to both confirm that you have submitted your work in your application and to determine the depth of your understanding. Upon completion of your trial you will be asked questions about how your device works and will be expected to explain your reasoning in detail; therefore it is best that you have completely thought through your device before you dive into a trial.

One last thing: