Sandro (1)

Mojang Name: Sandro#6030
When you were banned (approximately): couple of hours ago
Why you were banned (if known): I said I hate lgbt
Why you should be pardoned: I meant that comment as in I hate the community of lgbt, you can like whatever gender you want I don’t care nor do I have an issue with people liking the same gender and I am sorry if I offended anyone.

Hi Sandro,

I do not think I understand your “Why you should be pardoned”; it seems to be contradictory. Assuming there is a language barrier, please make sure to use a good translator, use proper grammar, punctuation, and check for typos. Repost your “Why I should be pardoned” here as a response.

I should be pardoned because my comment was misunderstood and I am sorry for making it. I do not hate anyone for what gender they like or what they identify as. What I do hate are the actions that some of the members of the lgbt community do.

Hi again,

Thank you for clarifying. Your last sentence worries me because regardless of your stance, we can’t have you antagonizing people. Moreover, we do not want any hate speech of any kind in chat. I know you did not target anyone in particular or said anything thing derogatory, but this is a place of tolerance and respect (and redstone). Anything else is not welcome here.

Defending your stance does not do any favors, there is no guarantee you will not repeat your behavior, nor does it show any understanding why it is not acceptable.

For these reasons, I’m rejecting your appeal.

You may try again in 2 month’s time, maybe we’ll have a christmas miracle.

I understand