Semmiederacer builder app att2

minecraft name: semmiederacer

the thing i like the most about redstone is that you can build so mutch things with it

what is it: binary encoded storage system where im working on that has 11 binary inputs

what can it do: sort items and when you need items you can choose between 2, 5 or 10 shulkerboxes to get send to the place where you are standing

foto : 2022-01-15 — ImgBB

what do you want to build and show us: binary encoded bulk storage system

do you agree with the rules: yes

This application has been accepted! Whenever both you and a staff member are free, feel free to ask them for a trial. You are able to try again after failing and waiting 24 hours. It is always recommended to do a practice trial with another member before starting your real one.