Some things I'd like to clear about my ban (not appealing!)

I recently got banned for 30d, and right off the bat I wanted to tell you staff more details that could probably shorten my ban for at least a day.

  1. Not-so hating, a rule that makes no sense.
    I only hate 3 players. They’re not seen that much, unlike other players.
    So let me provide something in real life so it makes sense. Imagine there’s 1 guy that stole your bike for example, and telling me ‘Oh, you shouldn’t hate him’? Well, 1 player hate is fine, but there’s another guy who threw a rock on your face, started laughing and then running so fast, and you still tell me ‘Don’t hate him or you get banned!’? Sure, the other guy got like 50 eggs and flour, and started throwing it all around you, and you still tell me I shouldn’t hate him?! Okay, maybe it’s fine, but what if they did this at least 5 times each person?!! Still asking not to hate?

The similar reasons happened in minecraft. I got banned multiple or one time for these players, and I was waiting to get unbanned, I can finally play, and then they start bullying…

  1. Discontinued report
    If you banned me from seeing one report from BedlessBlade, IMPORTANT: OPEN THE CHAT LOGS: and go to that text! These images were discontinued! There’s some more text that make it good!

  2. Late ban
    Most of the badmouthing from that report was a lot ago, I am significantly less mad by the time.

  3. No longer hating 2 players
    I perfectly remember when I stopped hating 2 players. One of them is qcods, other one I don’t remember. BedlessBlade definitely tries to ban me, he didn’t even admit I stopped hating 2 players.

  4. Jokes
    Not all, but the latest badmouth was a joke.

That’s it. Now, ORE is something forbidden for me. I won’t play ORE for 4 months. Well, this info is only for someone who cares.

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