The Last Poster Wins - Continued



the ironman grind to fermento has BEGUN

only gigachads will find the issue in this c# program

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;

class Application
    // Expected output:
    // 1
    // 4
    // 8
    // 12
    // 17
    static void Main()
        byte[] bCollection =
        IEnumerable<byte> flt = bCollection.Where(bc =>
        bc != 16);
        List<byte> filter = flt.ToList();
        List<byte> output = new List<byte>();
        for (byte i = 0; i < filter.Count(); i++)
            output.Add(Convert.ToByte(filter[i] + 1));
        foreach (byte query in output)

Sorry, but without including pictures and/or videos, we cannot assess this application.

Please reply to this thread with pictures and/or videos to show your work.

When I was working at ORE, I saw how RULES work:

if (Player.Chats == Chat.Anything)
    Player.Ban(Player.Name, "Disrupting chat", Time.Parse(Time.Permanent));
    // Permaban player if they disrupt chat

not funny

Gonna discuss the right way to handle that with the other staff but for now I’ve just removed it

hay guis, ma new komputer br0ke and tha vidaoe was deldaetd by summ naughty nknown iduot
see haw lsow is my old kompyuter

2023-05-23 10-28-06


immense urge to reply



“Summarize This Topic” lol, like that would help…


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Didn’t even include Tuke or Qwer smh

or pablodons