000_54p_ Ban Appeal

Mojang Name: 000_54p_
When you were banned (approximately): about 20 minutes before this post was made
Why you were banned (if known): don thinks I inventory banned someone, and thinks I crashed school on purpose. like wtf I didn’t even think copying a block would crash a server. also I told san to copy a chunk ban shulker(thinking they wouldn’t because who does) but even when everyone on the server said don’t copy it yesterday they still copied it
Why you should be pardoned: because I never meant on crashing school. And I didn’t know san would actually copy a chunk ban shulker

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I think this man just made an honest mistake. I know him, and I also know that he is responsible enough to not do this on purpose or create anything or do anything at someone elses’ expense.

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You tried to crash school and chunk banned someone in fact, right? Even if you didn’t mean to.

Quite funny to see all you’re saying is just “wtf I didn’t know not my fault pls unban” lol

Regardless of your intentions, it seems you were encouraging someone to unknowingly get themselves NBT banned which resulted in said NBT ban. The length of the ban also reflects the fact that this is not your first ban. Your ban will remain unchanged.

Small note: Those not involved with the ban shouldn’t be posting responses on the appeal.