1.16.1, Discourse, Schemati, and More

The 1.16.1 update, while having just a couple hiccups (which is normal) has been successfully performed on the network. This update included 1.16.1 (obviously), the new forums system, Discourse, the rebuilt schematics system, Schemati, and a few RedstoneTools additions to help streamline your redstoning!


Yes, we are retiring our old forums. This was a decision made by Staff that received majority support among the community members. The choice was made to switch due to the lack of development on MyBB and the ever-increasing support behind Discourse. Not only that, but DiscOREse offers some extra features that goes along with our goal of phasing out managed authentication, implementing better Discord integration, and more.

The existing forums will stay in a “read-only” state for the following months. Once it is decided to fully retire the forums, all public information will be exported for anyone to download on our archives. We will then archive everything else privately, so individuals who are able to prove account ownership can access their data exported by Staff if they so desire. The details of this archiving are yet to be fully decided, but we are keeping the forums around for people to archive anything personal they would like.

To start your DiscOREse journey on ORE, just click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right.


Another big change was the introduction of Schemati. Schemati replaces our existing schematics system, providing a smoother, integrated interface for schematic management. In order to use Schemati, you have to link your account first. For more information regarding Schemati, visit the guide.


We have added a few new things to RedstoneTools for 1.16.1. Here is the brief synopsis of these additions:

  • //find - This command lets you select a region and search for the locations of blocks within the selection. This may be useful if someone places a piston on your plot :wink:.
  • /container [type] [power] - This command gives you a container of specified “type” of specified “power”. Gone are the days of having to carry around a shulker.
  • /slab - Well… this command is not new. It was, however, completely reworked for RedstoneTools. You may notice these slabs are much faster to place!


  • LordDecapo is still banned.
  • We have DiscOREse Emojis :ore: :smort: (oh and :kotlin:)
  • Wedding was postponed due to the virus. We’re debating a zoom wedding, but we are not sure of the details yet.
  • StackDoubleFlow knows what he is.

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Great work Nick and all other people! Proud to be apart of this community, just waiting for the day when I have the time to start helping :]

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Everything has been update to 1.16.2!
capo is still banned
stack is also banned
wedding is three months after next christmas.


Great work Nick and all other people! Proud to be a part of this community, just waiting for the day when I have the time to afk & parkour even more :}

Also I can run my cpus again without crashing myself and any other guy with apleb pc in its vicinity. Now thats the future.

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Will be the 1.15 survival map archive released? :slight_smile:

Everything has been updated to 1.16.4!

Only thing substantial with this update: Freebuild is dead. Yep. We killed it. The server that is. You can still participate in Freebuild by going to the School server (/school) and going to Freebuild (/warp freebuild).

Blame Capo.

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you ignored susceptibility’s question !! bad staff


yeah nick answer the question