1.20/Velocity, ChattORE, and More!

Welcome to ChattORE / Velocity / 1.20!

With the new update, we have changed proxy software to velocity. With this, we’re now running ChattORE, our own chat system designed for ORE!

If you encounter errors, please report them in #staff-help on DiscOREd or on Discourse.

ViaVersion / ViaBackwards

We now support versions 1.18 and above! We’re natively on 1.20.4. However, we only support 1.20.4 on Survival and Seasonal.


Here are the relevant plugin changes with this update. The command reference is linked at the bottom.


ChattORE is our solution for a unified chat platform on Velocity. ChattORE is designed specifically for ORE.

  1. While some of the chat format will be familiar, ChattORE can do extra reformatting for you. For instance, ChattORE supports emoji usage with the familiar :emoji_name: format. Another Discord-like feature it adds is simple markdown support with bold and underline. It will also shorten links to be human-readable.

  1. Better nickname management with people given the ability to set their nickname color as a single code, or as a gradient of up to 3 colors. If another nickname is desired, Staff will have to set that for you. This nickname change also incorporates MiniMessage, so anyone using the RGBirdFlop page will want to select the “MiniMessage” option.
  2. ChattORE reintroduces a mailing system, so you can now send mail messages to offline players. You can view your inbox and read sent messages.

  1. Player profiles are also introduced with ChattORE. This includes your IGN, your nickname, your rank, and an “About Me” section that you can set.

A full list of commands can be found here.


LinkORE rewrites the existing linking process with a much more reliable backend. This introduces a better linking procedure utilizing Discord slash commands. It also has a more robust syncing system which has historically been an issue with the existing system. Along with this is the ability to unlink one’s accounts from either DiscOREd or ingame (/discord unlink ingame, /unlink on DiscOREd).


VelocityUtils does a bunch of extraneous things that replaces functionality from various other places into one plugin. This plugin will be responsible for the Student application system, a “maintenance mode” feature, the message of the day, the listing of players (by server and rank), remembering which server the player is connected to, server command aliases, and the status channel.

A full list of commands can be found here.


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