7 day mute on DiscOREd for arguing

Discord Name: hyperholy
When you were banned (approximately): 20/10/2023
Why you were banned (if known): For disagreeing with a moderator about the deletion of an image i sent [i believe capo was the one who actually did the timing out]
**Why you should be pardoned: 7 days for what in my eyes was a civil discussion regarding the removal of a satirical conspiracy theory image that only went south when Qwerasd decided to call me a dumbass and leave, now I’m not too sure on what happen next as I’ll basically speculate on staff intentions to make sense of the punishment but Capo made an announcement saying that ‘talking back against staff after they give their reasonings will be met with a 2 week punishment’ which without a doubt is LITERALLY 1984, like literally the plot [i haven’t read it but i think its the plot something about not allowing discourse and obeying authority with no 2nd thought] anyways not only is this decision to make debating the moderator’s intentions punishable by a 2 week mute why should i be muted because a moderator decided to take my argument for not deleting my image personally…

sorry if this is riddled with grammtical errors and spelling mistakes im cant tipe**

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once my thoughts have settled more i may make a more coherent response

oh and a possible response for why i continued said It shouldn’t’ve been deleted was because i could not see how qwer was right and their decision didn’t make sense to me and I wanted to try and understand why they would do so

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