7002NYWDE application

Minecraft name:
What do you like the most about redstone?:
anything that i could be intrusted in
What’s a thing you have made which demonstrates redstone knowledge?:
cca alu
What does the thing do?:
it adds 2 “8 bit” values and it can invert them (tryed the 2s complement but onely worked on one of the “8 bit” inputs
Image(s) and/or video(s) of the device:

What did you make as your trial build?:
that alu
What is the warp for your trial build?:
/warp 7002NYWDE’s_cca-alu
Provide your results after completing the ORE Binary Quiz:
Binary Quiz completion certificate:

Completed by 7002NYWDE in 8m11.758s on 6/23/2024, 13:45 UTC.
100.00% accuracy with 0/25 answers given incorrectly.

Do you agree with the rules?:

You will need to build something more than an adder/subtractor for a build trial. Something like an RCA ALU that uses !A, !B, OR, Carry In, and Flood Carry would be a good option.

Also, you will need to take a screenshot of your own build. Not just mention the kind of build you made.

The build for the trial also needs to be on your plot on school, so you can put a warp to it for this application.

Accepted for trial! Hop on the server at mc.openredstone.org and ask a staff member for assistance.