75rx Ban Appeal (2)

Mojang Name: 75rx
When you were banned(approximately):** just now
Why you were banned (if known): So… Long time enough, I got banned due to Messloona when he were spamming to update to linux. I got finally unbanned, but when I got unbanned, I were saying some bad things in chat: “I wanna grab a knife and kill messloona for now”. But I was actually joking, I just was angry on him. And then LordDecapo didn’t know it was a joke and permanently banned me.

This server is so fun and makes me so interesting with Redstone Engineering. I have 1 more topic left, so I have to economy them.
Why you should be pardoned: I know I did ruin my life, ruin my account and most importantly - Ruin my redstone experience. I got banned permanently, I was crying so loud irl.

When a player says something like that in chat, ALWAYS ask: Is it a joke or not? In that case, I got banned… permanently after like a minute of my 14 day ban, which I was wanting to get unbanned.

There is no way this ban will be shortened. I do not care if this was a joke. Death thread jokes are NEVER ok.
“anyways, i wanna grab the knife and kill messloona, i dont care ill get to the prison but atleast i would end his life forever”

And let me set some things straight, there was no mass spam telling you to upgrade to linux, i was there. It came up, ppl talked about it. I even talked about switching to linux. The conversation only kept coming back to you cause you kept yelling and complaining in chat that we were talking about linux. You were interrupting the flow of conversation in a rude way. You were banned due mainly to the behaviour as a whole during the last incident.

To then come back and immediately pull this and claim “oh i do not care about the ban stuff” then pull a death thread on someone. You clearly care, and you clearly need to resolve the anger before coming back here.

We have never had a threat this severe on the server EVER… so that take for what it is.

Ok. I will never do that again. Im crying so hard right now, PLEASSE I BET I WON’T DO THAT AGAIN! ;-;

And I also don’t mean that spam though. Mess were repedetly asking me to upgrade to linux, like a repeater loop to a command block. There was no way he could leave me alone.

Anyways… I were waiting all these 2 hours to get a respond. I ruined everything. I made the worst joke in the world.
I will try to be as nice as possible, please give me the last chance. I am so sad right now that I did the worst mistake, I am the only who risked that much and I understand my mistake.

I am getting banned only due to Messloona. This time, if he/she asks me something, i will ignore him/her and I will never say anything about him/her to prevent more bans, because each time I say something about him/her, I get a punishment. That punishment was so far not a joke, PLS UNBAN ME!:sob: