75rx Ban Appeal (3)

Mojang Name: 75rx
When you were banned (approximately): They sent me my last visit was in December 13.
Why you were banned (if known): Long history here. Starting off with my old irl laptop. It was weak yet very laggy. I am a youtuber and I have 109 subscribers. I use Bandicam and brb… okay So it says the bandicam main link on top when recording with bandicam, so they asked to upgrade to OBS. My old laptop: if I were recording from OBS, it would have 480p video, 10fps and always very laggy. As I have a new laptop which is powerful, I would upgrade to OBS if they would tell me how to set the start/stop/pause hotkey. After when I said it was lagging (on my old laptop), messloona started triggering me more than I could patience. She started telling me to update to linux. Yet even a staff member that banned me (LordDecapo) also were telling me to upgrade to Linux. There are a couple of reasons why don’t I want to upgrade to linux:

  1. Bad drivers
  2. Bad fonts
  3. Bad mouse cursor
  4. Bad UI
    As I got a new computer that has windows 10 in it, I don’t need linux, I can’t even make it lag atleast somehow! :man_shrugging: After when messloona started telling me to go to linux a bit more, she started SWEARING with dumbness, idiot words idk
    I couldn’t patience that so what I did is: I used /pt c:/msg messloona (some bad words) to flood her chat 25 times per second. After all of that babble, she reported me and I got banned for 14 days. Finally got unbanned, i was a bit mad and then heres what I said (please don’t count this, this is an example): anyways, I wanna grab a knife and kill messloona. I know I will go to the prison, but atleast I ended her life.

They were telling me like YOU REALLY CARE and I was like no. I thought you were telling “you really care or not about saying her/his” but actually about ban. Yes, I DEFINITELY care about ban, a lot.
Why you should be pardoned: Let me repeat: I DEFINITELY care about ban, mostly on ORE. This server is such a cool one, I loved it so much. This was my favorite server EVER. I really tried to support it… somehow.

I understood my mistake. This will never happen again. I will be always nice this time. Just please, unban me. I miss this server a lot. I wanna do redstone engineering. I was a bit popular over there.

I understood I wasn’t nice. This time, I feel i am nice. I know you wouldn’t unban me because they said There is no way this ban will be shortened. At least I asked… as more as I could… as nicer as I could… please understand me this will never happen again. Please understand that I understood my mistakes and those will never happen and never repeat. Just please, unban me! I am pretty sure you would unban me. If you won’t, at least tell me: is the ban permanent or for 6 months?

Just please, I ruined everything. I am pretty sure I can restore all of that. Just give me the last chance

Staff is yet to reach a decision on the status of your ban, however I would like to clear up a few things.

  1. You were not banned because you don’t like/use Linux.
  2. You were most recently banned for making a death threat against another member (whether it was a joke or not)
  3. A lot of this isn’t relevant: Why you don’t like Linux, How much you care about being unbanned, Your subscriber count??, etc. We want to have reasons we should reduce or remove your punishment and those aren’t good reasons.

well 1 thing… I never told you to install it. I asked you why you didn’t like it and talked about linux, but I did not tell you to upgrade… lol I don’t even use linux as a daily, why would I tell you that.

We have decided not to change your current ban length.