75rx Ban Appeal (6)

Mojang Name: 75rx
When you were banned (approximately): 22 days remaining! 180 - 22 = 158. 158 days ago.
Why you were banned (if known): Death Threats
Why you should be pardoned: Time to say the actual reason.
I am sorry. In before I had problems with my anger. I don’t have these problems anymore. 60 days has passed, it’s almost May 6th for me in Azerbaijan. Even though, I am underage, I am a kid, I am 10 years old. If you don’t trust me, check out my YT for my voice. I won’t do this again anymore, I guarantee.

I expect everyone is going to say “Dude, it’s only 22 days remaining”, but I still want to get unbanned.
Believe me, this was the last attempt out of 14 attempts just to get me unbanned from this 6 month ban, 180 days, a half of a year. I will finally leave you alone from here. Speaking about my old ban appeals, no worries, you can somehow delete my other ban appeals, I do allow you all to.

I will also say all the good news that I got only in Minecraft.

Believe me, I tried.

You have been unbanned.


Thank you so much! You’re the best! This was my favorite server, and it was my hope to get unbanned all of this time! Really appreciated! :slight_smile: