75rx Ban Appeal (7)

I’ve been banned permanently and blacklisted for minor griefing that doesn’t cause corruptions​:sob::sob:I even said that I understood and that won’t happen again, why did I still get banned???

As far as I understand you sent this a second time
Showing me you don’t understand.
It’s true, the grief was minor, but in doing so you were harassing another player as well.
The ban was being discussed. It is now set to 1week from now.

Also, this is not the appropriate place to put an appeal. Please make sure to use the proper channels and format if/when you decide to appeal.

I have sent this to make people know that I am not breaking blocks on my random choice which was pretty much boring, instead 1 dust. Although I’ve still understood.

Fun Fact: this made me have a reaction to worry to touch anything on other plots even if people asks to, so seems like I wouldn’t even be able to help.

Well I got blacklisted so I can’t put it to Appeals place: The button is unavailable, pressing it does no reaction at all.

This is just a roundabout way of saying “I still griefed it”.

General rule of advice: don’t touch things without explicit permission. You don’t have to be notified TV was using their CPU. It is their CPU. If it doesn’t work because of something you did, then that is a grief.

75rx moment xd

(saw this comment get removed, don’t worry I saw, looks like in a nicktatorship there’s a lot of censorship!!)

It makes no sense how something like GRIEFING could be considered harassment. In any capacity.
It could be considered trolling, but not harassment. It’s a joke at this point how questionable the staff act sometimes.

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This is 75rx’s appeal, not yours. Please make your own thread.

So I can’t even state my opinion? Alright, I see how it is. Only the staff are allowed. As I thought. No democracy whatsoever.

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We permit discussion in appeals for Staff and those individuals involved. You can spare your discussion for your own appeal.

It could in fact considered as both harassment and troll. Obviously griefing as well.

Troll: Let his CPU tryhard running pong and then break 1 piece of dust that connects to an ALU and then power on something in the CU to make it go ea games mode (Also considered as griefing)

Harassment: KilledbytheTV is playing on his project and trying to patience how slow is it, eventually me doing something and boom it went ea games mode, boom no pong for you, boom go do some 1337 h4x0rz moment to reprogram pongz, boom go restart your see pee you, boom go patience another 1048576 years playing pong without speedup. It is extremely annoying because this all takes a while. That is considered as harassment.

Honestly, the best and the mőśť šãfě way is to ask if you wanna interact or §|-|!T that CPU by letting it go to ea games mode, or just not touch it