75rx Ban Appeal (9)

Mojang Name: 75rx
When you were banned (approximately): About 9 hours ago
Why you were banned (if known): Inciting and perpetuating arguments.
Oh gosh, ppl keep getting annoying cuz I am a 10 year old kid which got banned about 9 times, what everyone wants from me… :thinking:
Why you should be pardoned:
I mean, 60 day ban isn’t that bad, that’s 1/3 of my old 6 month ban, I still do not regret too much from that amount of ban time, just a bit.

  1. A reason why I said the Inciting and perpetuating arguments
    I shall say the entire history, which, I even did…
    If anyone does not trust me, check the chat log.

I was building my small redstone CPU which somehow was 1.00Hz. I was trying to make my own CU, and hey, it actually worked, except I still didn’t add branch, so I can’t say that’s a CPU. Some ppl like BedlessBlade and BoopyDoopy129 were talking just a bit about me. I didn’t pay much attention to chat and was like “eh, time to search for branching machine!”. Boopy then for unknown reason called me a dickweed, like something similar to “i don’t want to do something to this dickweed”. I knew he was calling me a dickweed. So I sent the chat message “Call me a dickweed once again, I will start a massive argument.” Not gonna lie, he called me a dickweed after about 3.2 seconds… again. So I had to start the argument.
First I became a bit way out of ea games, in other words, toxic, by sending a chat message “you mf piece of shit”. Well, these words are very popular and very commonly get used even by other people, so that’s not the reason. This guy became very rude now. I tried to stop all of that, they kept continuing.
He said “did I ask” to me next.
I was then like “Hmmmm, I have an idea!!”. So I opened TikTok, opened someones channel which only makes vids about “How to respond if someone says that”. Yep, I found “How to respond if someone comes to you and says, did I ask. It’s fine, calm down, and focus, and take a deep breath, and tell them: Your parents didn’t ask, but here we are”. IMO this was just a genius idea to roast someone if they say this. I used this a lot of time on other servers too, and I wasn’t punished at all or even reported, even though on other servers, staff were online and clearly were seeing the chat. Eventually chat was going a bit too ea games. I tried to stop everyone, but they kept contuing. And FINALLY, PaukkuPalikka told us to stop, thereby we stopped. Chat became silent.

~3 hours later…

ea games.
75rx is now AFK.

75rx is no longer AFK.

Oh, wow! Don has joined the network! Awesome! Yay! GG!

We first talked about how I got rid of a small build of one student and set it back, but it wasn’t any redstone build or component, because I was just a bit annoyed when they said “I took 75rx’s liver!” And building it, literally using someone else’s organs. I deleted it and quickly typed //undo after a couple seconds and told them to stop. So you can’t call this a griefing.

After that, we talked a bit about this.

  1. The ban time has been changed without even telling me that it will.

First I got banned by don for 7 days for this, 7 days prob because I had the history. I mean, I never regret 7 day bans on any server, like I am always fine with 7 day bans. One good morning, I checked to see how much ban time is remaining. Awesome, about 6 days or s- Uhmmm, ooooookay, 60 daaay-
Time to create another unban application I guess. Not again! Eh, what could go wrong.

P.S: Never trust tiktok about “what to respond if”, and never be sus.

I mean, that’s the exact same thing as “Getting annoyed, getting banned”. That’s just unfair.

There is literally a redstone clock somewhere that makes me go ea games after a couple days and getting me banned, that’s annoying, I have to find that clock and stop it…

Also, boop was toxic even before this, like he was calling me L a lot of times. I then chatted Г like I rotated his L (russian G letter), but he kept doing that too often.

idk if i can respond to this, but we didnt say L to u. also boopy didnt call you that for “an unknown reason”


Calling me a dickweed was way too annoying.
And no, he was calling me L wayyy too often. That’s toxic.

you also made jokes about his parents who died when he was 9…

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I said that after he called me a dickweed twice, even after when I warned him “Call me a dickweed once again I will start a massive argument”

To be technical here, the “dickweed” statements only happened after you made the parents comment.

Staff are currently drafting a response to this appeal.

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here he literally said boopy was saying that AFTER he had talked about his parents

edit, well not in this screenshot exactly

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I don’t think boop told me to stop.

He was a bit continuing to go ea games mode on me.

I dunno, but I think he didn’t tell me to stop.

No? Check the chat log again. Don’t really remember tho, but I seem I said that after he called me a dickweed

I’m going to ignore the fact that the entire conversation you played out for us is riddled with inaccuracies and is not the chain of events of this one certain exchange…

Inciting and perpetuating arguments.

No you didn’t.

Inciting and perpetuating arguments.

Inciting and perpetuating arguments.

You’re explaining to yourself why your ban was revised to be 60 days instead of 7.

You’re once again excusing your actions because you “had to” do what you did. You did not have to do anything.

Once again trying to excuse actions because, as you yourself have said, you cannot control your impulse. This is a recurring behavioral issue that will have to change in order for you to have a place on ORE.

This appeal is denied. Do not appeal again before your unban.

On a random note, what is with this “ea games” stuff? Whatever the lingo may be elsewhere, don’t use it in appeals. Having to decipher what you mean in an appeal is not the way to write an appeal.


If I could say something similar to “going ea games mode” or just “ea games” would make this appeal huge. The entire ORE knew about this word. Turns out.
Going ea games mode - Being crazy

Time to wait getting unbanned I guess…

Uh yeah I just saw this and it’s crazy how almost every word in 75rx’s comment is either a lie or random crap nobody asked about. Thank you for your decision.


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