75rx Ban Appeal

Mojang Name: 75rx
When you were banned (approximately): Literally 2 hours ago after this appeal
Why you were banned (if known): So first of all, parrarel or something or just that one player, told me to update to OBS (screen recorder) and I replied that it lags and I told him the specs of my computer. Then messloona started triggering me a lot: he were spamming to update to Linux and I were saying that Linux is ugly (for me) and then I started spamming using average 25CPS after doing this command: /pt c:/msg messloona and etc. The reason why did I do that is i was that triggered that I could not patience anymore. He also were calling me a dumb due to I did not want to update to Linux. Now I am too lazy to wait 14 days, want to engine in ORE.
Why you should be pardoned: I regret a lot that what I did. Instead of that, I will still be mad but just completely ignore mess no matter what he asks. Although other people did not trigger me that much unless messloona. I bet I will never do that. If anyone unban me I would be very happy. I know I only ruined everything. If I wont get unbanned I will cry and completely stop playing😭

It’s likely apparent that staff did not decide to unban you, however the ban is nearly over (at most a day is left). Sorry for the delayed response.