7day ban on ore server/discord server

Mojang Name: Receptivedekarii

**When you were banned (approximately):

around 1:30 pm EST

Why you were banned (if known):

Because i was rapping about obscure things

Why you should be pardoned:

I believe i should be pardoned because I was unaware that the staff told me to stop, and they couldhave dmed me. it is my fault for rapping about those things but i Ias unaware of the rules because I was under the influence that we could curse, another ORE player said this to me. i Ieke this game and i Iant to continue to build what I was building, if you accept this appeal I wont rap ever again and my career will be dropped. Please accept. also when i rapped the second time on the discord, i never even cursed, and i didnt say any obscure things. so PLEASE ACCEPT

Given that your ban is less than 3hr old from the point of writing. No your appeal is not accepted.

Just to give this response proper context, I’ll start off with an important correction. You mean ‘obscene’, not ‘obscure’.

To begin with, ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

When going through the process to become Student, you typed /yes in response to this prompt in chat: [Application] Have you read and agree the rules? (https://openredstone.org/rules).

When applying for Builder for the third time you responded to Do you agree with the rules? with “yes iv’e gotten banned twice bc I didn’t read the rules but after reading them I understand why, its my fault and yes I agree.

Let’s go over what you did.

Between 10:42 AM and 11:02 AM EST, you “rapped” in chat almost non-stop about very obviously obscene and inappropriate things. At 11:02, Nickster told you to stop: “Admin | Nickster258: can yall like not be cringe please”, and someone else asked you to chill as well. You acknowledged this in your “rap” shortly thereafter: “they told me to chilli said no”, and continued to spout obscene nonsense.

It was at this point (11:03) that you were banned in-game, and so you went on the Discord server to complain. After just complaining didn’t work, you tried to bribe Nick with $60 to get unbanned. After that didn’t work you threatened “if you keep me baned i start rapping again”, but then also tried to claim that your obviously inappropriate messages were not inappropriate. At 11:11 you started, briefly, “rapping” again in Discord. You were told to stop and you started trying to argue that it wasn’t spam. And finally, after this series of messages, you were timed out in Discord as well: “you said im a black rebel???racistyou said i look like poop???Wowww”.

Rules you broke:

1, 3, 5, 7, and 8 – and arguably also 2.

You were very lucky to have only gotten 7 days, but upon further consideration your ban has been extended to 30 days. Think about your behavior, realize what you did wrong, read the rules, and when you get back follow them.

This appeal has been denied.


How did i break 7 and 8 because most of the people found it amusing I think

and i 1000% aint break 2

also i dindt break number 1 bc who did i disrespect

4 is arguable but for some reson not noted

This isn’t a debate. The decision is final.

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