8Epic8 Builder Application

Minecraft name:Zrey_Plays

What do you like the most about redstone?:I like how it is a cool skill to work with and experiment on. Based on simple rules you can create amazing things!

What’s a thing you have made which demonstrates redstone knowledge?:A Simple Text Display with memory

What does the thing do?:I can input a message in binary, and press a button and a 16 segment display will go through each letter.

Image(s) and/or video(s) of the device: Computer MK1 - YouTube

What do you plan on making for your build trial?:I want to make a binary counter, where you can set how many numbers it counts up by.

Do you agree with the rules?:Yes

something along the difficulty of a 4 bit multiplier is what we would like to see for trial.

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I could do that, ill do it 8 bits