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This is a collection of instruction sets from completed and work-in-progress builds. Please follow the format below when making a new thread in this subforum. If you would like to get your ISA added to the list here; Please notify @Don_Manuel_1229, @LordDecapo about your thread in this subforum and we will gather the required information from your thread and add it to the list.

Name: < Name of ISA >
Type: < Type of ISA >
Creator/Team: < List of players involved in ISA creation, if none omit >
Warp: (< server >) < Warp name in /warp syntax >
ISA: < Link to document of ISA, or Name of ISA if well-known >

More info:
< Put any random stuff here >

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Name: PISA
Type: Accumulator with Register Mapped Stack
Creator/Team: LordDecapo
Warp: (Build) /warp pisa
ISA: PokerIS - Google Sheets (Sheet: PokerISv4)

More info:

  • Sheet with test code snippets: ISA Benchmarks - Google Sheets
  • Assemulator: <Future link> This is a generic toolset created in python for assembling and emulating ISAs, by default it is configured to work with PISA.
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