AggYz Ban Appeal

User(s): AggYz (me)
When: Approximately 4 months ago
Description: Around 4 months ago, I was banned for posting a nsfw image/gif/video (I do not know which one as I could not see it).

I would like to prove my innocence by showing that that the image did not show on my screen.

The link lines up with the one I posted; I cannot see the content as It doesn’t load.


In the GIF above you can see that other pictures load except that one.

Another reason that I should be unbanned is that I have waited 4 months out of 6 months of my ban and that I am eager to get back into computational redstone and talk with old friends.

In case you think this footage has been edited or tampered with, I am happy to screenshare and refresh my discord client and use discord in my browser, and do whatever is necessary to prove my innocence.


EDIT: Thinking about it now, the content is probably a video as the file extension is mp4.

Why did you post the video if you did not even see it?

I thought that it might be a funny troll. It’s pretty stupid now that I think about it.

I thought that the video itself was just infinite loading and I didn’t think that the video wasn’t loading.

Sorry for the extremely delayed response. Given that you are not currently banned, I will consider this issue resolved.