My in-game Minecraft username is HexBlight, and my discord name is Hex#6436. I recently was permanently banned from the server, I feel as if this ban was unfair. I was banned by “PabloDons” for “arrow lag machine”. It is true I did make an arrow lag machine but simply as a joke, this was not done on my plot. I activated it once, and when it started to lag immediately turned it off. Later when I got offline the person on the plot with me, although I can’t remember their name. They were fiddling with the machine a bit. People have told me that apparently people got chunk-banned by it, but when I got off, I made sure the lag machine was off. Not only that, nobody was near the machine or me. So I’ve come to the conclusion that someone else must have activated it or made another. I would love to consult with “PabloDons”, or any admin about this ban.

Thank you for your ban-appeal. You were hastily banned since I assumed you weren’t associated with ORE, so we are reconsidering the ban. I suspect it wasn’t the arrows that did it, though. I am pretty sure it was the dropper contraption right next to it which had “meth” (nbt hacked sugar) in it. Will you also comment on that?