Applying for Builder [drawcoco]

So my in game name is drawcoco, “corentin” in real life but it’s french so impossible to prononce for english people sorry :x
I’m 22 and currently doing studies for beeing engineer in computer science (mainly python, java, and C#)

I love minecraft since I’ve got like 12, and I discovered redstone… and loved it, it’s pretty cool knowing that you can make pretty much anything with it (cuz it’s turing complete) and I really have fun playing with

the best way to let you see my knowledge on redstone is to let you visit my ORE plot, I’ve worked on it for a few hours and have done a tic tac toe and an adder (small one sorry there not so much space)
The tic tac toe is functional so if you wanna play a game, just ask :wink:
for the adder, I’ve limited the input to 9 + 9 maximum but in theory it could go to 2^5 - 1 so 31 and the display can go to 99

imgur link to screens :

For my builder trial, I don’t really know what to do, so challenge me I suppose :slight_smile:

I do agree with the rules

he doing his best on a multiplier, GL!