BedlessBlade Ban Appeal

Mojang Name: BedlessBlade
When you were banned: 30 Minutes ago
Why you were banned: “Breaking the server again” World Edit accident in /school.
Why you should be pardoned: What had happened was, I was stacking something for a Student. Then another Student needed help stacking a 7seg display. So I teleported to them, selected the area and that’s where there was an issue. Only the first position I set on the 7seg registered in world edit. So the selection area was massive. This has been an issue on school for quite a while. Along with some //set operations not working. However, I expected it to work today because it had not had any issues yet. So I quickly typed //stack and then the school server crashed. Now. Why I think I should be unbanned. 1, It was an accident. 2, It was partially caused by a plugin issue. 3, It was my fault to, but I will make sure this does not happen again. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. If it could be pardoned, I would be completely fine with a World Edit ban for the time of the original ban. -BedlessBlade

We have reduced your ban to 1 day, we have reduced because you have put in the effort to write this appeal but not lifted the punishment, seeing as currently you are the only player with this issue. In the future, please be careful about your worldedit selections until something is put in place to prevent accidents like this. The ban reduction should take effect shortly.