BedlessBlade Pings

User(s): BedlessBlade
When: 9:10 2/16 ish
Description: Repetitive pinging after I asked him to stop quite a few times, and he admited that he was doing it bc it was “funny”.
Msg start-ish:

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are you fucking serious

These were all replies and i usually do replies because it helps with situation clarity if someone looks back up at it. I have NEVER had someone get actually mad from this and I’m sorry will not happen again but I think in a lot of cases replies are a good thing for clarity.

I will not be replying/reading your messages in the future.

I will leave a more detailed reply to this incident within 10 minutes.

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And as I told you multiple time, I don’t care why you are pinging me, I told you to stop. And yet you still did it.

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This all started with me just coming back to a ping on game-chat.

I replied to the message from TitaniumKill because I thought that if they were the one who wanted help i probably should reply so they know I am online and shit like that.

I admit that my behavior below is unacceptable and has no excuse for talking this way. Was just somewhat fed up with previous user interactions.

He does not seem to have looked at the reply to see that it was a reply to a reply about Auzifriend pinging me for assisting TitaniumKill or something.

He still goes on about replying to a “random” person even after saying that he read the messages. (before the first message in the first screenshot I said “oh auzi pinged me”)

I then replied to FanfareYT’s message containing “titaniumkill” to explain why I had replied to him.

At this point he states “please stop pinging me” after replying to 2 of his messages.

I admit that my behavior in the message below is unacceptable.

I suggest using Do Not Disturb mode on Discord as it is a built in feature specifically for cases like this. He then stated that he specifically did not want me pinging him. I then said some unrelated rizz defense after 4owo stated smth which was also dumb sorry.

I also did not behave very well in the messages below but i think there was some truth to needing to reply if someone sends messages in rapid succession especially if people in game are talking.

People then talked about some insane beef and I called it “the most insane beef of all time” jokingly. He also stated more horrible jokes which have been discussed in the past.

As of this point in my reply FanfareYT has replied to my previous incident reply. Read his message but my reply to that was I did eventually switch over to non-ping replies.

I then participate in a joke.

I then stated some of my previous experience with poltry because I actually have a lot and I thought it could add something a bit funny to the conversation.

I was just joking in the message below because someone said any meat was good if cooked right and he replied with something I still don’t understand?

Here i used a well placed reply, then accidently replied again

I explain I am now using non-ping replies

He sends this image, I accidently reply from habbit.

I do not admire what I said here, I also bring up he can just press the “mute server” button if he does not want to be pinged but he does not want to do that which further pushes the point that he just does not want me to ping him.

Making smalltalk

I know nano runs x3d chip so i wanted to talk to him about my upgrade soon

For no-one caring seems like the person I was talking to cared.

More cpu talk with nano

More drama about me talking about tech that I am excited for

Even though nano was online online on game-chat so like

And then we just go back and forth on if the server is a technical server or not for about a minute and then I leave.

Anyways, overall I do not see the purpose of a report for this.

Speaking of reports, I an many others have noticed reports slowly getting more and more toned down and less serious incidents. We used to have reports for things like griefing and death threats or lag machines or actual hate-speech. Now we have reports for replying to people’s messages?

Anyways, I think this explains things pretty well. 30 second report, 30 minute reply…

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only on ORE

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Every single reply in this channel has been completely unnecessary; as far as I can tell you both suck equally as much.

(jk love you)
(my point still stands though)

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Bedless, also yk, you aren’t a staff, you have no right to be telling me anything about “we have been over this.” I don’t have to listen to anything you have to say about anything I say. If you have a problem with it, talk to a staff, and then if they think it needs to be addressed they will talk to me. If you want to give tips or smth, idc, but we never “went over” anything, and we won’t because you don’t have any power over what I do.

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After you pinged the person, I said “what does that ping have to do with anything” followed by an xd indicating I was joking around. You then started arguing with me about that. Also I’ll note that you have me blocked, so you have to deliberately look at what I’m saying.

And yes, I’m making an incident for your lack of respect of someone asking you to stop pinging. Also your general lack of respect for other people. You act like you are god, and everyone cares about anything you say, and you are never wrong, and honestly its really annoying.

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I’m gonna go ahead and lock this. Staff will respond later.

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This entire thread is unnecessary…
We have rules about respect, @Fanfare requested you to stop, it doesn’t matter if they could have muted it, changed their status or whatever… they simply asked you to stop.

Pinging someone takes effort on your part to @ them or hit reply, so by them asking you not to, it’s actually having you do less work… and by pinging them, you gain nothing but annoyance points from FanFare… by definition I think this makes it a reasonable request.

Circle back to respect, if someone askes you to stop doing something, and that ask can be considered a reasonable request… just fucking listen… SLIM circumstances exist where this could be ignored, but this is not one of those situations.

Can we all just be polite, respect others, and not be fucking ass hats? Seems pretty simple to me… we are here to learn about computers not be rude fools.