Best language to start on

Hey, I’m trying to get more into programming and I need some advice on what programming language I should begin on. What language has the best use cases and is the best foundation to learn other languages?

Also what is the best way/how did you begin learning to program?

Python is relatively easy to learn and begin with so i would recommend it. It is also widely used for a variety of tasks and there are plenty of tutorials out there.

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I generally use Python and you don’t really end up dealing with the downsides in performance (relative to other languages its usually slower) until you get a fair bit into it.

python to learn the basics and then rust to get good

I agree, rust seems pretty great

as an aspiring engineer,
python for proof of concept,
c++ to go fast
and fortran if the software u interface to is updated since the 70s with the ideology of IF IT AINT BROKE…


if it aint broke what please bro finish the sentence i dont know what goes next

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To learn programming: Play around with python to get a feel for what programming is like, and then move seriously to a language like Scala. Scala because it forces you to write really clean FP/OOP code, which will levelup your programming skills.

How I began learning: Got interested when I was 7, playing around with UCB/Berkeley Logo. Then started python, now scala.

General recommendation: