Birdy's Introduction (not new)

I’m Birdy. Obviously not my real name… I’m not new to ORE, but i recently took a three month leave of absence after being on the server every day for ~4 months. I’m a familiar face to most, but i wanted to introduce myself to any new people on the server. I’m very interested in niche areas of redstone (thanks to ahawarrior probably), which makes it difficult to focus on one big project like a cpu if i have another idea. (probably have adhd idk) now that i’m back i’m going to try to accually make something to be proud of rather than just expirimenting. I like to think i’m a nice person and if you ever need help i’m willing to try, but i doubt my knowledge will excede your’s unless we are doing something obscure. opposed to the light pink of my skin, im a dude. I hope to see you on the server!

-Birdy (birdybird4)

as you can see I’m great at spelling

Welcome to ORE!

Cool! >w<