BitorBit Builder application

Minecraft name:

What do you like the most about redstone?:
Building complex/simple and small as posible redstone computers.

What’s a thing you have made which demonstrates redstone knowledge?:
PLA, ALU, registry, memory, program list(line),memory manager(commander), multiplexers and demultiplexers.

What does the thing do?:
Same as regular cpu, depends what you guild in it and how many bits.

Image(s) and/or video(s) of the device:

(all parts are seperated), they can be placed like lego.

What do you plan on making for your build trial?:
programamble song using program line.

Do you agree with the rules?: Yes

The trial build would need to be more than just a programmable song, generally the bar is a 4-bit ALU.
Could you be a bit more clear on what each of the builds do? It seems like you’re only explaining one of them and it’s not clear which.

first 3 images is alu, every other image is mostly memory and some logic

Could you elaborate on their specific functions? Pretend I don’t know what their purpose is.

the alu can sum,substract,and,xor,debug
every other picture is memory that saves data and debugging data from alu to memory, if that debugging isnt there calculations ftom alu will be loop saved instead just first answer so it doesnt loop answer and calculating resulting a loop what computers doesnt like

Alright, what will you be building for your trial?

i left to better redstone server woth free worldedit, i wont come back idiots