Builder applicatio

Hello my name is 0rfanidis and i would like to apply for builder

I really like redstone coz it offers unlimited possibilites especialy when it comes to computing
and also proposes a fun and puzzling way to solve problems.

I have made a lot of builds but the best i made so far is a cpu - ish thingy that basicaly consists of an ALU a customizable instructions set and a rom to give the order of instruction execution. The alu takes care of the math but is limited to addision subtraction but it can also simulate logic gates. Also it has
a small storage unit enough to store one number at a time and display it

The first image is of the whole creation
and the second is only the ALU

I plan on making this cpu or an alu

I agree with the rules


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accepted! This here is not a cpu, so i would recommend building a alu for trial.

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