Builder Application - DavidJR


What do I like most about redstone? I like how with such simple rules you can create some pretty amazing things. CPU’s, crazy doors, games, etc. I think the seemingly limitless possibilities is one of the best things about redstone.

What is a think I have made that demonstrates my knowledge? I made (what I currently believe is the smallest and fastest in existence) minesweeper along with the help of a friend ubbd8. I’m also finishing up a very small and fast version of battleships, and I am in the process of building a QR code generator (Version 1 Error correction L Numeric only), and a smart AI for battleships.

What does the thing do? I’m only going to focus on the minesweeper since that is the only one that I mentioned that is actually fully functional. The minesweeper is pretty self explanatory but the most notable features are: Compact Cell Size - Each cell is 8 tall, 8 wide, and 19 deep (not including buttons on the front) Fast zero spread - Instead of using the preexisting zero spread logic to spread 0’s, a separate 3 way AND gate was added to dramatically increase the speed of the 0 spread. Fast bomb generation - Due to the size of the minesweeper grid being 8x8, the randomizer acts quickly when choosing a bomb. Each bomb is generated every ~4 seconds. Reveal Function - When the game is lost, the entire grid will reveal all numbers and bombs. Fast Flag - Instead of having the flag go to the back of the decoder, the flag toggle is directly wired to the decoder lines, which is more compact and faster. Defect-Free Reset - When the minesweeper is reset, the 7-segment display will not show any erroneous segment pulses. 1.16 instant, infinitely expandable AND gate - In the win detection circuit, the use of the new 1.16 wall behavior yields an AND gate which is infinitely expandable upwards, as well as having instant signal downwards.

Video: [MICRO] 7-Segment Display Minesweeper - DavidJR & ubbd8 - YouTube
Feel free to check out the other video of an 8x8 flush seamless glass door on my channel. That one is pretty cool as well. :slight_smile:

What do you plan on building for the trial? A CCA of my own design and maybe a few fun piston things if I have extra time :smiley:

Do I agree with the rules? Yessir!

Would you be able to build an ALU (or something of equal or more complexity) for the trial? Generally an adder alone is not enough.

I’m not super into ALU’s but I could probably make it happen.

Accepted for trial! Hop on the server at whenever you’re available and ask a staff member for assistance.

I’d like to note that it’s a good idea to make sure you understand all you can about the ALU because you will be asked about it.