Calculating Log base 10 with a redstone processor, preview

Hi fellow redstone peoples, I have been planning to build a prototype of a machine that can calculate log base 10 for a few weeks now and finally decided to build it XD. It outputs a result in 32 bits and has a 3 to 4 decimal place of accuracy. It takes a while for 4 decimal places so I plan to make the accuracy easy to change with a command line so that it can suit the needs of the calculation. I plan to make a mini version for 1 to 2 decimal places of accuracy in the future for size benefits and such . . .

Currently the range of the input is from 0 to 127 as a 32 bit word however the radix point is possible to modify with another command line for floating point purposes however that is not implemented as of now. . .

now this machine is an approximation device which is noticeable with an input such as Log(10) in which case you can just have a look up table for the exact result :stuck_out_tongue:

as for the last thing to note, this machine uses a lot of my own components such as the serial Pipelined Multiplier, and a slight change to the old ICA .

as for the use of this machine, it is only a small part of the grand plan I have :slight_smile:


A small piece of your plan for world domination via redstone


how long until ti-nspire in minecraft


“Grand PLan”

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