Chad Commands

It’s a list of commands, not every single command and not perfectly updated all the time.

,help - Returns a list of all commands.
,poll <Title> <Option1> <Option2> <Option3>... - Creates a poll with the provided options. Text with spaces should be between quotes.
,roll <Count>d<Sides> - Rolls a dice with the given number of sides for the given count.
,lmgtfy <Text> - lmgtfy stands for Let Me Google That For You. It gives a link to a google search with the provided text.
,apply <Rank> - Provides helpful information on applying for the given rank.
,insult <Name> - Insults the named player.
,add <Command> <Output> - A command used by staff to add/override static commands (meaning they just print the same thing each time).
,remove <Command> - A command used by staff to remove static commands.

there are quite a few more commands than that

Yeah, I still had this draft but I wanted to post something else, so I just posted what I had already