Chonkers, chonky boye, … nope. CHONK is named after chunks. It’s a self-contained CPU made within a 16^2 area, but extends far down. It’s basically a skyscraper. I guess you can disguise it as a building and it’ll manage the city or something, idk.

“What’s so special about CHONK?” you might ask yourselves. Eh, nothing really. CHONK runs pipelined on a 6 tick clock, has no immediate or bitwise capabilities. The full specs are below:

  • 8 bit data;
  • 5 bit instruction (3 bit opcode, 2 bit operand);
  • Up to 32 lines availabe, 15 included in CHONK;
  • 4 stage pipeline (Fetch, decode, execute, writeback), 6 ticks/cycle;
  • 4 registers (no zero register);
  • 4 addressable I/O ports.

I haven’t really written any programs for this CPU, except for programs which were testing the different instructions. If you’d like to write a few or something, feel free to! Instruction set of CHONK is next to the CPU on the build server: /warp CHONK.


Four core CHONKERS running kekrnel when™?

Seriously though, need more instruction memory