Communication + Chad Command Removal

On the discord, I had asked Don why he removed ,anal, and when he said “inappropriate” I sort of pressed him because a joke chad innuendo command is inappropriate on ORE of all places? It expanded and I had commented on other removals recently and he suggested that there were other staff who would back him up and when I asked who he said “I think your just angry” and didn’t elaborate. If that was a joke it was poorly made. After I asked him again he said he’s “Pretty sure there wouldn’t be opposition” if he told other staff. He’s pretty sure of something and that’s enough to moderate seemingly without the interest of players in mind. I said sort of angrily “If you’re pretty sure why don’t you find out before removing shit”. He responded “I found that disrespectful” and timed out me. First of all, I meant no disrespect towards Don. Whatever I wrote was probably interpreted wrong. I think Don normally is a good moderator. I first of all I want an explanation: why were those removed, I don’t just want “inappropriate”, that gives me nothing. Second I want to get other staff’s opinions on this since Don wouldn’t tell me what anyone else thought. I’m not necessarily opposed to a change here but some “inappropriate” chad commands were removed and then an explanation was provided later, which leads me to my third point: as les said, there needs to be communication before change happens, that’s the deal with running a large server.

It’s probably petty to attempt to appeal a day’s timeout, but for me here its about the thing the timeout concerns.

I mean no disrespect to any ORE staff or otherwise member

Oh, and I also forgot to mention: why is that what’s being moderated; the inappropriateness of such commands was the least of any players concerns

Just to follow up briefly. This wasn’t ignored, and it did start a conversation among Staff regarding the situation.

I will say Don isn’t alone on his sentiment of the ,anal command. Staff has discussed it before and we don’t think it is appropriate and we’re trying to discourage the use of that as a nickname.


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