The ability to try new things without having to spend money and the flexibility it gives you. It allows you to always make something better, even as simple as logic gates have different designs to suit different purposes.

A Simple ALU that was initially designed (as far as I know) by n00b_asaurus, it is a 12 function ALU that is horizontally stackable. It is a rather boring ALU, but I can’t get a CCA-based ALU to have a workable OR control line, maybe the person trialing me would be willing to show me?

It does logical and arithmetic functions, the logical ones are as follows: A XOR B, A AND B, B SHIFT_RIGHT. The Arithmetic functions are addition and subtraction.

Building the aforementioned ALU


Looks good to me, accepted! You can ask any available staff for a trial whenever you feel you’re ready (no rush, no deadline, infinite retries).