DiscOREd Revamp Thoughts

It’s been about a month and a half since the DiscOREd Revamp took effect and we’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts on it. Please reply to this forum post with any comments, concerns, or criticisms you might have.

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can we have a #memes channel or replace #the-pit with it? like it makes more sense in my opinion and in oscars too

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What’s the difference?

you pinged me so because of that imo the discOREd revamp bad lol

the name and the “pit” aspect of it instead of it being just dedicated to memes which is kinda what it is anyways

Care to elaborate?

If it’s already a meme channel anyway then what would really change?

#the-pit really acts as a catch-all sort of channel. Things like memes can be shared here, but it is also the historical successor to #link-pit (which turned into #paste-pit). Because of this, it is often used as a channel to randomly share something.

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my idea is #memes thread in #the-pit (we literally have a #music thread and a meme thread excluded to only electricity memes)

I do not interact with the discord that much. However, I feel that there should be a tab where people can ask for help that is not directly related to Redstone. For example, the other day (and a few different times), I have needed some help with logisim, octave, assembly programs, and a few things with windows 10. While I received excellent help, I was left wondering where to place these inquiries exactly. Either a new channel should be added, or a more detailed description of each channel should be added.

#lounge. It is the place for generic conversation and a question like that is fine for it.

That or #stem also feels relevant

As of right now, #hobbies seems kinda dead still. But then again, it’s already a condensed multi-topic channel, just like #stem. Apart from that, the change doesn’t seem like a miss. It certainly did achieve a cleaner channel selection.

Imo a place dedicated sharing useful videos, webpages and books would be nice. #the-pit is basically exclusively #memes. The rest of the channels that could be used for sharing links are mainly just text channels, so info gets diluted really fast.

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