DiscOREd Revamp


As we all know, not everyone is happy with how DiscOREd channels are laid out. Staff have been discussing a potential DiscOREd revamp and reorganization, brainstorming ideas and drafting some proposals. We thought it would be best to start brainstorming openly with the community so we can all come up with a solution that suits the ORE community best.

So, what are some DiscOREd revamp, revitalization, reorganization ideas you all would like to see implemented?


#cubing becomes #hobbies where all other hobbies can be discussed.

A place for real life electronics / #circuit-design like a channel or a thread.

#memes separate from #paste-pit either as a channel or thread, to make it easier to look at memes without them drowning in spam. If it becomes too edgy / offensive the users should probably simply be warned or banned if the issue stays.


Ok, big dump of ideas here we go…

About #game-chat, having things like AFK messages shown in Discord would be useful, e.g. someone says “wb” when someone returns from their afk session but people in Discord don’t know what they are wb’ing about.

About that, when staff aren’t in-game people might end up spamming things like /me and /love and /hate and /foodfight, so if it is possible to print that to #game-chat it would make it better to moderate when staff aren’t in-game.

Another suggestion would be to have nicknames shown in #game-chat, e.g. LordDecapo sets their nickname to something like DeCapo or DumbAssCapo but have their nickname shown in #game-chat. (Colours are not necessary of course)

A suggestion about formatting between in-game and in Discord #game-chat would be to have certain formatting show, e.g. someone in-game makes a joke like “This looks very cringe pog”, that would not show correctly in Discord and may cause misunderstanding and confusion, and this would apply vice-versa e.g. someone in Discord makes that joke but people in-game do not see the formatting, so having sample text (&m in-game) show in Discord and vice versa. Another cross-formatting suggestion would be to have things in Discord like **test** and __test__ show the characters used for it in-game but show the formatting in Discord.

This one is not an important one, but maybe have Admin colour from Discord show something like &4 in-game instead of &6 like Engineer shows in-game from Discord too so that they appear different. Like I said this one is not important but it is another idea I have.

I personally think these changes would help bring more context to #game-chat and help avoid misunderstanding and confusion caused by things like poor cross-formatting.

Also well done if you read through all this kek


my ideas of how the ORE DiscOREd should be organized:

  • Remove the #help channels and if new comers need help linking let them just ask for that in #welcome. i dont think two channels are needed just for that
  • Merge #random and #general into some sort of lounge or discussion where people can talk about anything that doesnt already have a channel used
  • #cpu-design and #projects would be merged into #redstone
  • #survival could be deleted and just talked about in #lounge OR brought back temporarily when the survival server is active since when it dies the channel just becomes dormant until another season comes
  • #modded should be deleted if no modded server exists
  • #pc-building and #unix-linux would be merged into #tech where you can talk about irl circuits, operating system rants, or the new 6900$ computer youre building
  • #programming shouldnt be merged into #tech because its active enough to be kept separate
  • #cubing and #linguistics would be deleted. if you want to talk about that you can use #lounge or potentially some sort of #hobbies channel but i dont feel thats necessary because you could use #lounge for that
  • (nick’s idea but i also support it) rename #paste-pit to #the-pit and have it swallow #botspamming's purpose too, but (nicks idea ends here) if it is spammed by bots, i would add a #memes channel to post your memes and funnies

so in conclusion, this would be the list of the new channels according to my proposal:
#welcome (no need for an entire category for this)
#survival (seasonal)
#learning (no change)
#server-help (no change)
#competition (no change)

#othergames (no change)
#technology (felt like tech was too short :p)
#programming (no change)
#mathematics (no change)
#hobbies (only if people want it, if not just use #lounge)

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This is very similar to one of our proposal drafts right now. I would like to see the Welcome category remain separate with #welcome and #game-chat added (though #game-chat would be read-only for non linked users).

Love the #technology (or #tech-discussion) and #hobbies idea. A place to discuss #hobbies and #sciences may be good to have.


ah yes i forgot to add #game-chat but ye if you group those two then they could have a category themselves yes

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