Does ORE permit to do these things?

I’ve wondered if I’m allowed to:

  • Reply on builder applications (maybe to help them if something is wrong)
  • Reply on petitions

similarly i always wondered why I am not allowed to reply on appeals. Yes i know that this can make the final decision harder, but, for example, helping the player to understand why they got banned should be allowed

and yeah agreed

You’re fine to reply on a petition, those are intended for discussion. If you really have an issue with a Builder application then reach out to a staff member, though usually if there’s an issue worth mentioning, we’ll cover it.

can you also tell why it is not allowed to provide useful information on appeals, like why they got banned and examples of them getting a ban (single example)? on the other hand, adding things like useless info or arguments can make the final decision harder, which is worth disallowing

The idea is to keep appeals a conversation between staff and the poster. Again, if you have important details that can’t wait, you can always bring it up with staff.

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