DragonSlaya2 Ban Appeal

Mojang Name: DragonSlaya2
When you were banned (approximately): 17th of October 2021
Why you were banned (if known): fake nitro gift spam
Why you should be pardoned: I fell for the fake nitro gift and then they used my account to spread it I changed my password and nothing related to it have happened since

Hi Flazer27,

Since your account is your responsibility, you will remain banned until the November 16, 2021, at the very least. Before that I need you to do two things: 1) Say in game chat “My discord account is Flazer27”, so we can confirm your identity, and 2) Enable 2fa (recommendation).

Please note that you will meet less leniency with repeated infractions; if any.

Im also banned on minecraft

I see. Your MC account ban followed from identifying your compromised discord account. Let’s do the confirmation step after your unban date.

And remember if something is too good to be true, it probably is and you need to be cautious.

I forgot about this until now because I took a break from Minecraft can I continue with the unban

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Your ban should now be lifted. It should have been automatic, but unfortunately it wasn’t.