El_Kariboo_sama intentionally visiting my private base, even after telling them many times not to

User(s): El_kariboo_sama
When: A couple minutes ago
Description: I was at survival. We with _rzecz were having some fun playing hide and seek in my base, which is private. My base is 1000 blocks away from spawn, but there’s one security rule that should not be broken. Only players I trust and specifically DM them coordinates can visit. (And I do acknowledge staff can see this messages, I don’t care, staff are also trusted.)

_rzecz then forgets the rule and accidentally leaks the coordinates to public chat, of my private base. NOW PLEASE Don’t get _rzecz in trouble, he’s a good guy, I don’t want him to be banned or adviced or anything. It’s El_kariboo_sama the issue here. They join survival. I then advice them not to come into my base, because it will not end up nice.

I told them like multiple times. Then we as usual play hide and seek with _rzecz, and _rzecz was hiding but I was seeking. And then I find El_kariboo_sama, in front of me, walking next to my private base, basically breaking my security rule even after informing many times that this is a bad idea visiting. Then they’re like “YOU SAW NOTHING” No, I’m not blind. Oh, and they’re not leaving too.

So basically El_kariboo_sama visited into my base, where I expect only the trusted players to be, but they broke my security rule I take extremely seriously, and literally told them that it will not end up nicely if they come in, many times, yet they still did.

I definitely expect a serious way to handle this, please take action and thank you for reading.

This was resolved in chat, closing to future replies.

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