Engenieer Questions

I didn’t find where to put questions, so ill put it here.

I have 2 questions about Engenieer:

  1. Can an engenieer trial be coop?:
    Could 2 or more people get together, make a CPU and then both get engenieer?

  2. Would a 3 Operand CPU with ALU operations and Register movement capabilities be enough for engenieer?:
    I currently have an almost finished:tm: CPU, it is 4 bit and can only do ALU operations(All gates, add, sub) and manipulate registers be enough for engenieer? or do i have to build another one with RAM support or just add RAM support into it for it to be enough for engenieer?

Thank you for reading(and or responding).

  1. No.
  2. Depends on if you think that would get you engineer.

nick if you answer that second question like that to everyone then your gonna end up with a lot of engineers


I do not like the idea of “good enough” when applying for something like this. I personally would not accept this as an Engineer application, but someone else might. We leave the specifics to whoever is judging the application.

We all understand this is a bit new for everyone. The community has learned the “general” requirement for Builder, but the community, and by extension the Staff, are still figuring out what constitutes Engineer.

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At this point, “Will x be enough for Engineer?” is less about a consistent yes or no from all staff than it is from the staff involved in your application and interview. Basically, it’s up to the staff actually checking your stuff out.

dam time to remake my cpu

Id say a turing complete CPU would be enough

inb4 everyone starts making turing machines to get engineer

inb4 i make a turing machine


on a kinda more seious note, i see it as a rank awarded for a project u did as opposed to builder where you timetrial with a standard part (aka ALU)
I would say a good rule of thumb is if you have to ask staff whether something would qualify it probably doesnt.
Make something you are proud of, not just to get a rank.
or like spam pikl and parcour on it (^_^)/


how to get engineer fast

1 bit cpu + pikls

The pikls are of key importance in getting engineer

xd same

is engineer better then builder?


The Engineer rank is earned after Builder rank

you earned mod after builder tho what about that

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