Engineer App - Trecar

Minecraft name: Trecar

What’s a thing you have made which demonstrates sufficient engineering knowledge?:
I made 2 CPU’s so far and am currently (Very slowly) working on a third one. They are all 8 Tick pipelined. One is 4 Stage with a 3 operand IS. I’m pretty proud of it. You can read on it here:
The other one was a small side project to get back into redstone after a bit of a hiatus. Its a simple Accumulator CPU. Nothing special about it. Don’t have a post on it but here is a pic:

What engineering work went into designing this device?: Well This will be a summary of the forums post. In general: learning how pipelining works and how to deal with data and control hazards. The yellow CPU handles them all.
On another note, I am currently working on a new program memory with Program counter that is supposed to be able to assume taken and not taken at no penalty (Of course it will stall ~2 cycles if the assumption is wrong. ) This will help making stuff like Call/Return and loops a lot quicker. It mainly exists as a memory mockup with almost no decoders and no control logic right now so I’d like to interview with one of the old CPU’s.

The big yellow one runs bressy. I’m using a self made assembler to program it since early this year.
A simple first octant bressy algo looks like this, including loading in start- and endpoint:

LIM  sr1   2d
LIM  sr2   1d
LIM  sr3  14d
LIM  sr4   8d
LIM  sr5   0d
SUB  lr4  lr2  sr4
SUB  lr3  lr1  sr6
SWP  lr1  15d  sr0
ADD  lr5  lr4  sr5
SWP  lr2  15d  sr0
ADD  lr5  lr5  sr7
SUB  lr6  lr7  sr0
BGT  15d   ns   st
ADDI ls2   1d
SUB  lr5  lr6  sr5
ADDI ls1  1d
JMP   7d
SUB  lr1  lr3 sr0
BGT  63d   ns  st

Note that Ram Adr 15 is the display taking x, y in alternating succession.
Assembler GitHub:

Image/s and/or video/s of the device: See above lol.

Now, idk about the interview rn. i’d be happy to do it but as of right now im unable to run either one with Minecrafts current state of unplayablility when u turn on any clock. Id could still talk about them, and a lot of people and staff have seen them run before, so maybe that serves as enough proof of them working. Otherwise we either A) Wait
B) I set up a stream and stream myself running them on 1.15 or sth? Idk. Lemme here what you think.



Accepted for an interview!

What would you like to show the CPU(s) running during the interview?

We’ll figure out a way to do it without 0 FPS :smile:


Assuming they still work in 1.16 (Pretty sure they do, but could not verify)
Yellow one: Bressy
Smol one as Bonus (Or if big one reks server): Sequential Squares

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UPDATE: I just tested a couple things. Running my old cpu crashes (at least my) client whether doing it on ORE, on a localhost server, or in a SP world in 1.16.1
However, it ran bresenham successfully in a 1.16.2 SP world.
So I would vouch for doing the interview when ORE is also on 1.16.2