EVAH7 Ban Appeal

Mojang Name:
When you were banned (approximately):
25 mins ago
Why you were banned (if known):
literally this “nsfw”
Why you should be pardoned:
I don’t think I caused any harm at all and never did I use any words or phrase that’s blatantly against the rules or targeting anyone. It’s just “rap” like eminem. Its a harmless joke, I don’t think I should be banned for 14days for just that :confused:

Your appeal is currently being reviewed and you should receive a verdict within the next day or so.

This is not the reason you were temp banned. Your appeal has been rejected. Locking post.

Just want to clear up something. The ban was for your chat message, yes, but it was also for the multiple inappropriate builds on your plot. This is reflected in the ban reason which is visible on join attempts.