Forgot to remind this - Alt Accounts

Remember when a player joined named KaromePro, said it was 75rx and all other stuff and quickly left? Well I already confirmed that.

The thing why I created this topic (hope it’s compatible with General, since it did reminder me that I should post this when I received a mail since my visit, thus all new topics, which I read for fun and saw an alt account topic to general, which I need to post) is because right now I already renamed it to 75rx or (underscore)75rx(underscore) on my new account. Soon I’ll rename it to 75rx.

The reason why did I post this is to reminder, when I’ll get unbanned, if the player named EXACTLY 75rx, this will be me but on my new account. Keep this in mind, plus the old one named 75rxdead which will never be touched anymore.

50 days remaining btw, day 130 out of 180.
Always keep in mind 75rx is now the new account so I will always join from the new fresh migrated account.