Freebuild Removal Petition

Requested Change

Freebuild Removal (The school spawn reverted to what it used to be rather than Freebuild)

Reasons for change

Freebuild has existed as a part of ORE for many years now. Prior to the reset, it was a plot on school that anyone could edit (or world edit with Builder). Not too long ago, Freebuild even had its own server on ORE’s network. And currently, it has been turned into 3 school plots near school’s spawn.

Freebuild is a constant mess
Because any player is able to modify Freebuild, this leads constantly to primarily Visitors and Students making use of it. Often times, Visitors will join ORE, find Freebuild, and spam blocks or even leave builds partly destroyed. Freebuild, especially now that it is next to spawn, reflects badly on the image ORE might want to portray.

Getting a Student plot takes 6 commands
/apply /yes /yes /yes /school /plot auto
Those are the 6 commands that any visitor needs to run in order to get their own plot. If the point of Freebuild is to provide a space for Visitors to build then it isn’t very useful.

Reasons for no change (optional but recommended)

Freebuild is a place for Visitors to build while they get a feel for the server
There isn’t any reason for them not to get Student and a plot. There is no downside to the promise of an area they control where they can build all the same stuff as they could in Freebuild.

Petition Poll
Should we remove Freebuild?
  • YAY (Remove Freebuild)
  • NAY (Keep Freebuild)

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The poll closes 3/11/2021 at 3pm EST which is a bit less than 2 weeks after this was initially posted

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While I think Freebuild has some issues, I do find it more beneficial to have a freebuild so people do not have to “sign up” in order to do at least some minor building.

This was theorized with the dedicated Freebuild server, but we can look into automated clearing tasks. So every other day, or once a week, whenever, Freebuild can be cleared automatically. Food for thought maybe?

I am still interested in seeing what people have to say about this, if they have any thoughts to add. All comments here are welcome.

Freebuild had a purpose when the new members needed to wait to get Student, this is because applications were manually approved for Student like they are for Builder.
Freebuild helped them see how they felt about the community and just playing on the server at all. This is no longer the case, now it is a whole 6 commands (5 if you use the portal to school) to get a plot. It takes them a minute or two to get a plot which no other players are able to grief as opposed to the constantly griefed mess of Freebuild. Cleaning the plot regularly isn’t really necessary when we can just not have the plot, perpetually needing to clean the plot to keep it around (for no reason) just doesn’t make sense to me.